“As a first time home buyer, I was completely lost! Kolbey and his team guided me through the entire process and eased me into finally purchasing my lovely home! Wonderful, helpful and friendly service!” - Anonymous


“I had tried in the past to get a home and it was a complete disaster and Inlanta mortgage was great I really appreciate all they did thank you! Kolbey team did a great job!” – Anonymous


“I really appreciated the ability to sit down in the beginning and lay all our paperwork and questions on the table and discuss our options in person. Kolbey made our primary loan and refinance possible.  He was available whenever we needed answers and led us through the whole process step by step always looking for the best options for us. We plan to use Inlanta again as we continue to invest in real estate. We LOVED the personal face-to-face service Inlanta provided us. Kolbey went above and beyond in his service to us.” - Seth and Laura C.


“Usually a lot of negatives in refinancing but not with Kolbey and his team at Inlanta. They closed timely as promised and exceeded my expectations. They were very efficient and courteous.” - Anonymous


“Len and Kolbey worked feverishly to see this loan to closing. There were no easy parts of our situation but they continued to seek ways to make this happen.”Ronya M.



September 14, 2016